Is the warm afternoon sun lighting up the stained-glass windows of your church? Is the golden hay, nearly ready to be cut, blowing in a mid-July breeze? Are The Beartooth Mountains saluting you as you approach your aisle lined with wildflowers? Where does your dream begin? Where are you? What do you see? What scent is in the air? How do you feel? What is your vision on your wedding day? How does forever start in your story?

There are endless possibilities when choosing the surroundings in which you'll be married. But some details translate across a bride's dream no matter which setting she chooses... 

There is your love, waiting patiently for you at the end of your last single walk.  A hard swallow, emotion thick in both of your throats.  He's trying hard to hold back his tears but you lock eyes and your smile does him in. Your features change as he loses the fight and a tear breaks free. You steal a glance at your sweet mother, who is decidedly less determined to keep her tears at bay.  Your father looks proudly at his daughter, walking into the beginning of a new world.  There's only one thing that's certain on this day, that there is love in the world.  And that love is enough. 

Like pearls on a strand these tiny moments make up the story of your day.  The smallest moments in time are the memories you'll hold most dear in your heart for the rest of your days.  I'm here to capture them. So that years down the road, your children have a front row seat to the day their parent's world began.  These photographs  tangibly hold a magic that reminds your heart of these moments for years to come.  These images will make up the album you page through on your anniversary each year. They will be the highlight of your future daughter's daydreams as she sweetly looks forward to her own special day. And when your marriage encounters trials, as all marriages do, these photographs will be the light that reminds you your love is worth fighting for.  They will provide a record of your timeless love for generations to come; creating a visual tribute to the beginning of your legacy. That legacy is worth remembering.  Let's tell your story together.

Complimentary engagement sessions are included in all wedding packages. All wedding packages include full day coverage, two photographers, full print rights, & print package. For more information please contact us by calling {406.425.4446} or emailing